We are a special interest group of teachers, researchers and activists who promote and protect literacy for all South African learners


The problem

For many decades we have known that literacy outcomes in South Africa are poor. However, in December 2017, the PIRLS Literacy Study found that 78% of South African grade 4 learners could not read for meaning in any language. This is a violation of the constitutional right to education of all learners in South Africa and a betrayal of what the generation of 1976 fought and died for.


Our solution

We, as emerging educationalists: teachers, researchers, students, activists, academics and learners, will harness our collective power across multiple sectors to ensure we address this issue. Together we have created a special interest group to research, lobby, promote and strategise to ensure that all children attain literacy in South Africa.


Join Us

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 About US

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june 16th Event

We are convening a gathering at Thaba Jabula Secondary School on June 16th in Soweto to create our collective strategy under four pillars: Research, Literacy resources, Teacher training and Governance and Policy. 

The event will focus on the substance of the topics and create a concrete strategy to put pressure on government and key leaders who need to implement policy.

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I am itching for spaces like this so ordinary people get to know the truth about literacy and what our education system is failing to do. You have my 100% support.
— Professor Leketi Makalela, Founding Director: Hub for Multilingual Education and Literacies, Wits, Distinguished Visiting Professor: City University of New York